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If you are interested in volunteering,
we have several ways you can use your time and talents.

Projects and Mission Teams: Several projects that we would like to do require a larger team. How many, when, how long, and the basic abilities of the group are some of questions that need to be answered to figure out when your group can come out. Below are projects that we are planning.

  • Staff garages (3)—we need to pour concrete and build a 24 x 24′ free-standing garage.
  • MAG shop loft—22 x 60′ loft with office, classroom, storage, and restroom under and storage on top.
  • Canoe shade—the original shade blew down after 30 years of service. Big timber and rough construction skills needed to put up a replacement shade.
  • Tile—in several restrooms in cabins, we would love to replace some of aging linoleum with tile. the Job requires attention to detail and the ability to finish the job.

General Maintenance: If you live close enough to volunteer for a day, we have several maintenance/handyman type projects that range from a few minutes to a few hours. It’s best if you bring your own hand tools. This could be a one-time visit; even better is a regular schedule of once or twice a month or whatever works best for you.

Please call our office to register for Nehemiah Work Weekend or to talk with Andrew Pust about the above volunteer possibilities.