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How can you get a firsthand view of Ironwood?

Call (760.257.3503) or e-mail us ( and ask for a tour of the camp. We would love to show you around the camp to walk in the cabins, eat a meal, room, observe the activity areas, and meet some of the staff. It is one thing to look at a bunch of pictures on a website, but a tour lets you see what Ironwood really looks like. We’ll be able to answer many of your questions about safety, processes, etc. Bring a few people with you–they’ll help you think of good questions to ask! If you are parent or prospective camper, plan for 30-60 minutes. If you are planning for a group or setting up a custom camp, plan for one to two hours .

Attending one of our sponsored camps for free is a second option for a decision maker (pastor, pastor’s wife, youth leader, Sunday school teacher, school teacher) and one other person. Check out the Events section to see all the options! We will set up time for a tour during the retreat; you’ll see parts of Ironwood that you won’t see as a camper and have time to ask questions. Attending camp is the best way to get to know Ironwood. You’ll be able to answer questions back at home as a veteran Ironwood camper—you will have eaten the food, listened to speakers, met the staff, and experienced what you are hoping the rest of your group will experience. If you are not a decision maker, encourage your pastor to come to Ironwood for free.

We look forward to sharing how Ironwood can serve your church!