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We provide refrigerated and freezer storage for special diet items brought by campers to supplement the regularly served items from our menu.

We provide a microwave, toaster, and toaster oven for preparation by campers of any food items brought to meet special diet requirements.

We endeavor to provide a quality menu selection for the groups being served; variation in food types, choices offered, and number of options are based on the majority (adults or youth) being served.

Items that meet a special diet requirement may be among the provided options.

Special diet needs may be accommodated by using one of the provided “to go” boxes at a meal with a menu that is within the acceptable range for the special diet requirements and then storing it in the provided refrigerator in anticipation of an upcoming meal that does not fit within the camper’s special diet requirements.

Most adult retreats have salad bar options that may meet some special diet requirements.

Our food service team leader or a head cook are often able to answer questions regarding the ingredients in menu items served.

Ironwood’s kitchen facility is unable to provide for special diet requests.

We work with a wide variety of ingredients in preparing camp meals. Cross-contamination is a possibility with all preparation.