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Summer Staff Scholarship Fund

A GUARANTEED scholarship is possible if you attend all of staff training plus serve eight weeks of camp; the amount will be determined in the contract offer. A MATCHING scholarship is also possible: We will match dollar for dollar up to a set amount that you raise for your scholarship fund by July 31; the amount of the matching scholarship will be determined in the contract offer.

Ironwood will provide you with resources and ideas for presenting your financial needs to your home church, family, and friends. More information will be provided after we have received your signed contract. This information gives people the opportunity to pray for you, to receive weekly prayer requests and praises via e-mail, and to donate to your school bill. Anyone wishing to donate to your school bill may send a donation to Ironwood in your name; the full amount of the donation will go to your school bill.  

  • Scholarships will not be sent until October or November after the school or ministry verifies your enrollment or need. Half of the amount will be sent in the fall semester and the other half in the spring semester. 
  • You must satisfactorily fulfill all the terms of our staff agreement form which is sent to you for your signature prior to your arrival at Ironwood.
  • The scholarship may apply to all staff positions open.
  • To qualify for a scholarship, you must fill out an online scholarship  application with your summer staff application. No applications will be considered after the start of the summer camp season.
  • Scholarships may not be transferred to anyone else or deferred until a later year.
  • In order to be eligible for the scholarship, you must have a definite financial need which would otherwise hinder your returning to school in the fall. This scholarship offer is primarily for those students who must work in order to help pay their way through school.
  • Scholarships will be mailed directly to the school or ministry.