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People Services

Qualifications: See Staff Standards.

Age: Must be at least 18 years of age. Those at least 16 and in high school should look into our Leadership Live! program.

Skills: Must have some usable skills for the area of ministry applied for.

General Goals: Must have a love for serving others. Although operations team personnel serve primarily behind the scenes, your duties are vital to the overall successful spiritual impact of the Ironwood ministry. We are the people services team. People are our focus; service is what we do; team is how we do it.

People Services Teams

Food Service—responsible to food service team leader. Work to uphold our hard-earned reputation of “good grub and plenty of it.” Work may include cooking, setup and serve, dish washing, and cleanup responsibilities.

Grounds—responsible to grounds team leader. Work to maintain and improve our grounds and landscaping. Duties include maintaining drip systems and irrigation, trash removal, and projects for the grounds and other teams.

Hospitality—responsible to hospitality team leader. Work to serve campers and guests by performing regularly scheduled janitorial duties. Duties may include cleaning of meeting rooms, restrooms, cabins, offices, and area surrounding buildings.

Maintenance—responsible to people services director. Work to build and maintain the Ironwood facility to keep it effective as a tool for seeing lives changed through our ministry of “Western Adventure in Christian Camping.” Duties include maintenance of cabins and restrooms, building, landscaping, and other related duties.

Stores—responsible to stores team leader. Work to provide refreshments and resources. Duties include sales, restocking, and housekeeping at our five stores.