Paintball Camp Highlights & Benefits

Benefits to the Camper
—It’s a weekend of adventure, skirmishes, and confrontation in which you will be challenged to work together as a team to mark your opponents in an adrenaline-pounding competition.
—It’s a chance to meet new friends, strengthen old friendships, and enjoy a getaway weekend.
—Campers will spend quality time with God in a setting in which God is the focus of all that we do; great opportunity for fathers and sons or daughters to spend some quality time together.

Benefits to the Church
—The camp provides practical, Bible knowledge for church members of how to be prepared to withstand the wiles of the devil
—Church members are provided with ammunition to defeat Satan in everyday life battles
—Church members are given the opportunity to bring unsaved friends to a more relaxed setting for the purpose of presenting the gospel to them
—Paintball is a fun activity and a shared experience that appeals to a wide age range.

—The Bluffs—death-defying cliffs and never-ending gullies that will prove a huge challenge to even the die-hard paintballer.
—The River Bottom—a wide variety of strategy games that will test your abilities to work together as a team with the challenges of brush, concealment, and small shooting lanes.
—The Night Course—speedball is the emphasis of this course with large tires, a big trench, and playing in the dark all make taming this course a white-knuckle adventure.