Men’s Retreat Highlights & Benefits

Benefits to the Camper
Men will be instructed, encouraged, and challenged to
—KNOW God and His Son Jesus Christ;
—DECIDE to trust God’s Word in their hearts;
—STUDY the Bible, listen to its reproof, obey its correction, and begin the practice of instruction or discipline in right living;
—DEVELOP a mission to accomplish the overall purpose of glorifying God in their lives;
—MAKE active choices of biblical application that will result in a manner of life that is growing in godliness;
—COMMUNICATE love through self-sacrifice evidenced by putting others first;
—IDENTIFY God’s purpose in life for them personally.

Benefits to the Church
Men will be challenged to
—DO the work of ministry within their local church;
—MENTOR others to follow their example.

—Main sessions by a keynote speaker directed specifically towards the needs of men.
—Workshop sessions which allow men to choose topics that best meet their needs.
—Tri-tip barbecue and skits on Friday night, shooting ranges.