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Good grub and plenty of it!

We believe that food is a vital part of the camping experience. When you visit the Homestead, you will find food prepared from fresh ingredients. Our chefs work hard to provide a meal that is delicious and nutritious with plenty of variety. One thing we do really well is barbecue. Included in the price of each adult camp is a tri-tip steak seasoned to perfection and cooked over mesquite for our signature taste!

We endeavor to provide a quality menu selection for the groups being served; variation in food types, choices offered, and number of options are based on the majority (adults or youth) being served. Ironwood’s kitchen facility is unable to provide for special diet requests; if you have a special diet, please look over the special diet provisions we have made.

Sample Youth Menu
From a spiritual emphasis camp

Light and fluffy with your choice of toppings
Sausage links · Oatmeal · Fresh fruit
Orange juice · Milk

Chili dogs
Grilled dogs served dry or with chili
Fruit bowl · Chips · Potato salad
Snickerdoodles · Lemonade

Chicken strips
Crispy and tasty with your choice of dips
Rice pilaf · Green beans · Biscuits
Strawberry freeze · Lemonade

Sample Adult Menu
From a couples’ retreat

Scrambled eggs
Fluffy eggs topped with cheddar cheese
Hash browns · Sausage links
Cinnamon rolls · Fresh fruit
Orange juice · Milk

Burger bar
Charbroiled beef patties and chicken breasts
a bounty of topping choices
French fries · Onion rings
Fresh fruit · Salad bar
Lemonade · Iced tea

Shrimp cocktail · Fresh bread · Dinner salad
Grilled veggies · Tri-tip barbecue
Mashed potatoes · Sweet n’ sour tower
Lemonade · Iced tea