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Ministry Bound Tracks

MB participants can choose from the following tracks to create a specialized program according to their burden for the ministry. Depending on the chosen track, participants work in different areas of the ministry and receive one-on-one training with different members of the Ironwood staff.

Program—work in one of the three program teams (Rivertown, Broken I Ranch, or Ike’s Roost) and be directly involved in the running and platform of our camps

Kitchen—help plan and prepare our camp meals feeding from 20 to 200 people

Hospitality—assist in the cleaning and preparation of the campground and cabins, enjoy working with themed decorations

Maintenance—learn repair and project planning as you work in the day-to-day operation of the campground

Stores—work in our Ironwood stores learning product ordering and sales, as well as how to discern current sales trends

Office—learn from our fine crew of office personnel about registration and office management

Camp Philosophy—this is a combination of all of the tracks teaching how every aspect of camp works together, spend one to three months in chosen areas of camp