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Ministry Bound FAQs

How much training and teaching is actually involved?

Each participant in MB works directly for a team leader in the area that corresponds with their chosen track. Our staff recognize that the MB program is designed to train future camper workers and therefore take every available opportunity to train and often refer to the camping ministry as their classroom. Once a week there is a set time in which specific topics are taught, and MB participants are given the chance to ask any questions they have come across in during the previous week.

What does a typical week look like? What kind of commitment is required?

A nine-month commitment is desired. We feel that the full scope of training can best be done in that time period. Participants in the program can see many facets of camp as well as a host of different camps run. A typical week consists of preparing for camps coming in, hosting the camps that come, and general upkeep and maintenance of what God has given us. Variety is a word that best describes a week in MB. On average, a person will experience at least two days off a week. The days off vary depending on the camp schedule. Days are long, and weeks fly by with much activity. This program gives a feel for what camp really is like! It is a perfect training ground for a life in camping.

What is the difference between IIM and MB?

IIM (Ironwood Institute of Ministry) is a program designed for college-age young people who are seeking God’s will for their life. The program does carry a tuition fee and includes a number of college classes throughout a given year. MB is for college graduates and is designed for individuals who believe God has called them into the camping ministry. It is designed to train and prepare a person to be able to serve in a variety of positions in the camping ministry.

What is the cost?

MB does not have a tuition fee.

Does the program have any openings?

MB is an intense program that contains many elements of teaching and training. In order to best meet our mission with this program, we limit the amount of people who can be in the program. Openings are given based upon a person’s application, references, and openings within the program. The only way to really know if there is an opening is to apply.

Will it be like college?

Some aspects may have a sense of college. For instance, there is a dorm setting for living and each person is responsible for their daily living elements (e.g., laundry, room cleanliness). However, there is not a rigorous class schedule as seen in a college atmosphere.

Where do MB live?

Singles live in a dorm setting with the Ironwood Institute of Ministry. We provide each person a bed, dresser, and closet. Rooms usually house two to four people. Married couples live in housing is based upon current openings; it includes a bedroom, bathroom, and storage area. During the week, MB eat their meals at our dining room, the Homestead. On weekends, food is provided in the Ministry Shop, a kitchen and large living area for MB and IIM.

What happens when a participant completes the program?

Ironwood’s goal is to help each graduate find placement in a camping ministry. Knowing this, we will strive hard to equip participants and challenge them in ways to ensure confidence in their call to the camping ministry.

Is it fun?

Thus far, every participant in MB shares testimony of experiencing and learning things they never knew before. The program is filled with learning and is overflowing with excitement—a group of like-minded people gathering to learn and do camp.