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ICA Fundraisers

General Fundraising Information

ICA hosts very few fundraisers compared to other schools and districts. We recognize that our parents are already sacrificing a lot to send their children to ICA, so we have designed our class and all-school fundraisers to help our parents. God has given us many supporters, and we want to give our extended family and friends an opportunity to come alongside ICA and our school families in helping bear the burden of education. With this in mind, all fundraisers hosted by ICA (class or all-school fundraisers) also benefit our parents. Fifty percent (50%) of all monies that a family raises for ICA goes back into their family’s Mustang Account, which can be used for school or camp purposes at the parent’s discretion. Upon graduation of the last child in the family, if the family has monies in the Mustang Account, the family can designate the funds to go into another family’s account; or it can be directed to the college the graduate is attending as long as the student is attending a college of like faith and practice as ICA.

Behind-the-Scenes Fundraising Information

Besides the fundraisers specifically hosted by ICA, we have some behind-the-scene fundraising
opportunities for our supporters.

  • We recycle print cartridges! Bring them in; we will send them off for cash or store credit.
  • We collect Box Tops. Each label represents 10 cents! Don’t throw away a dime; turn in the labels to ICA. See attached list of products that carry the Box Tops Label.
  • We are a designated school through the Food4Less/Ralph’s Community Rewards Program. Our NPO number is 82203. When you register your rewards or gas card with our school NPO online at food4less.com, we receive cash donations from the store. Every time you swipe your rewards or gas card, you help ICA. See the attached question and answer form.
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