Leadership Live! Benefits

Benefits to the Camper

Learning and practicing the five components of leadership—discipline, wisdom, vision, humility, and initiative.
—Studying and practicing counseling skills—each camper receives the same counseling tools and training that our summer counselors receive.
—Developing teamwork skills.
—Establishing personal biblical convictions.
—Journaling: a valuable tool to help campers express what they are thinking and help them come to a point of decision in various areas of life.
—Serving as prayer partner for a counselor: this gives them a group of campers to get to know and pray for specifically.
—Having their own counselor for the duration of their time at camp. This allows for a relationship that grows beyond the usual one-week span of summer camp.
—Learning a variety of skills and developing a work ethic that honors God.
—Friendships with godly peers that will continue long beyond the summer.

Benefits to the Church
—Leadership training takes leaders in your youth group and stretches them by putting them with a group of other leaders.
—This camp provides college-aged peers that give campers godly examples.
—The friendships made in the summer can help immensely as older teens prepare for life choices.