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IIM Goals & Objectives

The idea of a Christian being able to train for the ministry while serving and working in a ministry proved successful with Christ’s “institute.” Ironwood has a burden for those who have graduated from high school and want to do God’s will but are not sure where God is planning to use them. The Institute of Ministry allows an individual to work in the ministry and prepare for the ministry at the same time. Some of the goals are listed below with our main goal always remaining in the forefront: do all to the glory of God.

The goals of the IIM are four-fold: physical, social, mental, and spiritual. All four aspects are necessary in developing a well-rounded servant for our Lord Jesus Christ. This four-fold goal can be attained by accomplishing the following ten objectives:

  • To develop a knowledge of God and His Word
  • To provide an environment that enhances an individual’s ability to learn good habits and character for life
  • To provide an environment for an individual to discern and prepare for the will of God
  • To provide an opportunity for an individual desiring God’s will to work and live with others who desire the same
  • To provide an individual with godly mentors dedicated to God’s work
  • To provide a challenging and educational atmosphere where an individual is able to see the joy of serving by working side-by-side with other Ironwood staff members
  • To teach an individual how to think and make wise choices by applying the knowledge of the Bible to everyday life
  • To provide an opportunity for an individual to develop the necessary skills of ministry
  • To demonstrate to each individual the joy of serving God
  • To provide an atmosphere that is away from many of the world’s influences where an individual is able to focus on the ministry at hand, his walk with the Lord, and doing the will of God


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