Father-Son Camp Highlights & Benefits

Benefits to Camper
—Five services designed specifically to help fathers and sons.
Ironwood is a safe environment for fathers to let their sons explore, play, and learn.
—There will be activities designed to help fathers and sons create together.
There will be a split service that allows speakers to speak to the needs of both children and adults.
—This camp has the adventure of a camping trip without all the hassles of a camping trip.

Benefits to Church
Fathers set aside time in their busy schedule to be with their family.
This camp will be a great time of unity and fellowship.
—The dads in your church are provided an opportunity to be the servant (leader) to their sons.

Father-Son Challenge—events that are a combination of luck and skill and uses scores from fathers and sons to determine winners in several age categories.
—The shooting range is open—everything from BB guns to deer rifles are available.
This camp provides a great time to teach your young’uns to shoot.