Family Camp Highlights & Benefits

Benefits for the Campers
—Sessions that are specific to the needs of a family.
Activities that are designed to allow the entire family to participate.
Children get to spend time with Mom and Dad without TV, phone, work, laundry, or chores.
Families will make memories that will last forever.

Benefits for the Church
—The retreat provides a concentrated time of learning about family and what the Bible says about it.
The retreat aides the church in training the next generation, especially young families as they adjust to new roles.

—Friday Family Hoedown: our staff team provides food and fun that both the kids and adults will love.
—Uncle Wally’s Bookstore has many helpful books and materials for sale.
—Horseback riding for age eight and up with signup at no additional cost. Kiddie rides for younger children also available.
—Main sessions are all recorded and are available online to listen to or download.
—Old West photo packages for families available at no additional cost.
—Creativity competition: families work together on a themed project while having fun together.