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“Good Grub and Plenty of It!” has been our Homestead food service philosophy since the start of Ironwood. We moved into the current Homestead 16 years ago and are working on a plan to upgrade its well-used equipment. Below are some of the more urgent needs as we’ve worked on our upgrade list. We will be excited to put any tools the E-Posse purchases to work, ministering to the campers that the Lord sends through our dining room doors! 

Buffet Steam Tables ($4,500 each) Three of our buffet steam tables need to be replaced to keep consistent food temperatures—funds for one of the three tables has already been provided provided!

5’ Round Tables ($200 each) We’ve found that fellowship is easier during adult retreats at round tables instead of the long, rectangular tables. We hope to purchase up to 25.

Prep Items ($20) Some of the other items that need replacing/updating include rolling carts, shelving, computer monitors, counter-tops, replacement coffee urns, etc. Any contributions would go toward these needs!!

Coffee Mugs ($3) We go through gallons of coffee and lots of mugs during adult retreats. Often, the mugs mysteriously disappear, and we are in need of more mugs!

Thank you for the donations toward the jeep items on the last E-Posse!

To God Be the Glory!