Couples’ Retreat Highlights & Benefits

Benefits to the Camper
—Five sessions designed to speak directly to the roles of husband and wife.
—Private cottage for each couple complete with bathroom, shower, sink, and Old West charm.
—Activities that encourage communication and interaction with one another.
—Cost includes all meals and western cottage lodging with bed and bath linens.
—Retreat is long enough to be a getaway, yet short enough to make it possible to get time off work and find babysitters.

Benefits to the Church
—A strong couple provides stability for the church.
—And this retreat allows the speaker to deal with topics that may be too specific for a church service.
—The pastor and his wife have the opportunity to be with other couples without the distraction of children and/or a busy schedule.
—Churches have a great opportunity to sponsor an unsaved or struggling couple.
—An excellent way to get new couples involved and connected to the rest of the church group.

—Lantern-lit banquet featuring barbecued tri-tip hot off the grill with skits following the meal.
—Open schedule on Friday evening allows time alone or fellowship with other couples.
—The Ironwood Challenge encourages a couple to work together and enjoy a non-skill competition with other couples.
—The couples’ activity following Friday lunch is designed to encourage easy conversation.
—Travel to and from camp allows uninterrupted time for conversation and time together.