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Core Values


God First: The Bible is the foundation for all that we do, and we must put it into practice by trusting God.

Eternal Focus: We must endeavor to keep focused on spiritual and eternal values. We do this by remembering Whom we serve and why.

Grow People: We must help build one another. We must help each other grow in teamwork, abilities, and relationship skills.

Serve Others: Loving people is best evidenced through remembering that “service is our privilege” and then practicing it.

Communicate Care: We must communicate a true desire to serve others first.

Improving Pioneer: We must use what God has given us today, with a pioneer spirit if necessary, while pressing toward an ever improving excellence in all that we do.

Maximize Unique: We must use the unique aspects of the situation in which God has placed us to the fullest extent. This includes viewing our location, our staff team, and our constituency as gifts from God.

Extended Team: Our ministry team extends well beyond our location; therefore, we must establish and maintain a resource network.

Eliminate Distractions: Our aim is to eliminate distractions, all those things that distract our guests from really hearing the Word of God.

Never Quit: We must never quit; there is no substitute for sticking to it.