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IIM Code of Conduct

Each individual attending the Institute of Ministry will be asked to sign the code of conduct agreeing to abide by the following standards set forth.

I believe and adhere to standards of personal conduct as a member of Ironwood and Ironwood Institute of Ministry.

These standards include taking a position against ungodly or immoral entertainment (music, videos, literature, etc.), dishonesty, smoking, use of alcohol or drugs, filthy language, sexual immorality, adultery, and greed. This also includes maintaining a personal appearance in dress and lifestyle that is modest and consistent with our distinctive fundamental position.

In order to maintain harmony in the organization and among the staff, all staff members, board members, officers, and their spouses must be loyal to all positions of the ministry in regard to doctrine, evangelism, operating policies, and decisions. Constructive suggestions are appreciated when they are given in the proper spirit and to the proper executive, the president, or team directors. If after such a meeting, one cannot maintain a quiet loyalty, he/she should resign. The president of Fundamental Christian Endeavors, Inc., or his representative, is directed to discharge anyone who, while in the employment of the corporation, criticizes the administrative policies, complains, or fails to cooperate in maintaining the positions and policies of this ministry.

Staff members, board members, and officers must maintain a growing and maturing walk with God in order to minister to the needs of others.

Staff members, board members, and officers must be faithful, dependable, responsible, and diligent in the performance of their duties, obligations, and responsibilities to the Lord Jesus Christ, to this ministry, to their family, and to the fundamental local church of which they are a member.


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